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Palin is ill-equipped, clueless, and unprepared

In my earlier postings on the prospective presidential candidates’ views and effectiveness in bringing concrete change, I looked at the Democrat’s team as well as McCain. This posting intends to look at Palin, the Republican’s VP hopeful. Again, I intend … Continue reading

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McCain and the Righteous Empire

Following my earlier posting on the Democratic presidential hopefuls, I intend to look at how capable the Republican contenders are in bringing substantive change, if at all. Here are few facts on McCain:

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Joe Biden: The Politics-As-Usual Cynicism of the Democratic Party

In the first part of the current four parts series on facts about the prospective presidential candidates, I focused on the Democrats presidential hopeful; Obama. Let us look now at Joe Biden and his “illustrious” records. Biden joined McCain in … Continue reading

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Obama: The Same Bloody Old Interventionist Story, but in a New Wrap

A few weeks ago I attended a meeting to listen to a group of extremely excited Obama supporters discuss the wanders of Obama’s candidacy and the profound change that will sweep this country as the consequence of Obama’s possible election … Continue reading

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