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  1. william "marty" readling says:

    Imam Kazerooni,
    I was directed to you by Dahlia Wafsi. I am sure you will agree she is an inspiration. I asked her if she knew of a Shia Cleric I could speak to, and your name came up. There is no Shia mosque within 100 miles of Charlotte.
    I am a Christian, but an unusual one. Rather than follow the teaching of our clergy, I try to follow that of my lord Jesus himself. I find that to my dismay, and the misfortune of the world, that the two are seldom the same. In my own way I have studied Islam, and the acts of the prophet (all honor unto him). It seems to me, that the Prophet was much like Jesus himself, but with a sword. I Have tried to read an english translation of the Holy Koran, but I believe it was a poor translation. It was almost as hard to read as the King James version of the Christian Bible.
    The immediate reason I have written you is this. I have noticed lately an increasing antagonism towards Islam, by ignorant Christians. I speak out against this of course, as any true Christian would. My wife’s brother in law, David is such a man. He is very intelligent (if a fool). He actually believes that “Muslims are out to kill all Americans”. I pointed out to him that there were now more Muslims in the US than Jews, so they would be killing many of their own. He did not believe me about the demographics, so I tried a different tack. I told him that I had many Muslim friends in college (all Shia Iranians), that I am not dead, and that they were to a man good hard working people, and good friends. I did not tell him that in general they were not very devout. This what we men of good will are up against.
    I want to put together a presentation on the import of Jesus in the Koran, and of Christianity in the founding of Islam. I know of the Christian king of Ethiopia, that gave the early believers succor, and of a story about the baby Jesus, and Mary in the Koran. I believe that the prophesy of the hidden Imam will be useful too, but I have found little about it in english.
    If this project is successful, I hope it will limit the demonization of my Muslim brothers,as all good men are brothers, thus undermining political support for the wars.
    Thank you for your time. If you would like to speak to me my phone number is 704-644-2801 please call at any time. If my wife, Dawn answers leave any message you wish.

    Marty Readling

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