Initial Call for a Colorado Statewide Peace Conference to Oppose Attacking Iran

Dear Friends

The cry for an attack on Iran has reached unprecedented, near-hysterical proportions in certain well known quarters.

Like the period before the attack on Iraq, many of the same themes are at play with many of the same players trying to drive US to war again: creating or greatly exaggerating a threat; vilifying the country’s leadership to suggest that they are `crazy’ and capable of anything; the pliant media that swallow pro-war propaganda and spit it out as truth.

Far from preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons, an attack would justify their pursuit and will in all probability trigger a regional if not world war, in anticipation of which oil prices have spiked and threaten to a global recession if not worse.

Our elected representatives both in the Oval Office and in Congress  who succumb to this propaganda are complicit in dragging us once again down the path to death and destruction as they have in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Somalia.

We must stop this madness

With this in mind, the Colorado Coalition Against Attacking Iran was formed recently with representatives from Boulder, Ft. Collins and the Denver Metro Area.

The Coalition is already active:

One of our first steps is to organize a conference on Saturday, May 12, at the First Unitarian Society of Denver Church (14th and Lafayette) in Denver from 9 am to 5 pm. The goal is to organize a Colorado statewide campaign to oppose attacking Iran and for re-orienting our country’s priorities toward rebuilding our fragmented and devastated communities. (Detailed program will follow)

We, the undersigned, long-time Colorado peace activists, endorse this conference and urge you to help build the conference and the campaign to stop yet another insane step toward the abyss. Please contact the Coalition to invite speakers to your area or organization to build the Conference and Campaign.

You can contact the coalition at:

or contact:

Tom Mayer: Thomas.Mayer@Colorado.Edu

Ibrahim Kazerooni:

Rob Prince:


Ida Audeh

Clair Cafaro

Stuart Chase

Cheryl Distaso

Bill and Genie Durland

Nancy Fey

Ron Forthofer

Alan Gilbert

Nader Hashemi

Pat Hewett

Ibrahim Kazerooni

Bob Kinsey

Leslie Lomas

Tom Mayer

LeRoy Moore

Rob Prince

Michael Rabb

Tom Rauch

Ken and Mag Seaman

Cheryl Stevenson

Doug Vaughan

Ernesto Vigil

Evan Weissman

Dan Winters

Joseph Mitchener

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One Response to Initial Call for a Colorado Statewide Peace Conference to Oppose Attacking Iran

  1. Thank God people of such distinction are calling for a conference and movement to stop the US madness into another war. Thank you so very much!

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