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Resurrecting the Iranian Threat…. (old wine in a new bottle)

U.S. military bases surrounding Iran… Any story we are told has four parts, the main character, the plot, the setting and the ending, and one might add here, who is making it up. It is only through analysis of these … Continue reading

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Israel’s illicit stockpile of nuclear weapons is the real threat to Middle East peace (Part 3)

In the final part of this three part series on Israeli nuclear threat to peace, I intend to look at the claim made by Zionist and other Israeli supporters calling for what one may call “Israeli Exceptionalism.” The essence of … Continue reading

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Kaddish for Oslo, Part 2: The Palmer Report

By Ibrahim Kazerooni and Rob Prince, October 5, 2011 The Mavi Marmara. Israel‘s Black September In a gesture that could only chill Turkish-Israeli relations that much further, Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, recently  stated that Turkey’s naval forces would … Continue reading

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Kaddish for Oslo  (Part 1) By Ibrahim Kazerooni and Rob Prince, September 28, 2011                     Although not quite over, September 2011 is one that Israelis are likely not soon to forget. … Continue reading

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